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Missoula horse racing decision affirms planning for multi-events center

The Fairgrounds Advisory Committee had rejected horse racing in favor of other uses two years ago(MISSOULA)- Missoula County commissioners' decision to turn down yet another proposal to bring horse racing back to the Western Montana Fair last week affirms the county's plans for future fairgrounds development.

Commissioners voted down a new request from the Western Montana Turf Club to bring races back to the Western Montana Fair on a 2-to-1 vote Thursday.  

2-years ago, the Missoula County Fairgrounds Advisory Committee completed an exhaustive analysis of the fairgrounds' past use, and how it could be redeveloped in the future. That resulted in the recommendation the commissioners abandon the idea of including horse racing in those future plans. 

That led to a spirited debate over possible uses of the proposed multi-use center, with many of the same horse racing supporters making the same arguments we've heard in the most recent pitch. 

But ultimately the commissioners voted for the events center concept as the preferred path for development. 

Those event center plans are still in the process of development as we head into 2016. 


Work begins on feasibility study for Missoula Fairgrounds changes

(MISSOULA)- Work has started on a study which should help community leaders decide what future developments are feasible at the Missoula County Fairgrounds. And that could help refine ideas that have ranged from expanded ice sports to a multi-events center.

For the past three years, the Missoula County Fairgrounds Advisory Committee has been working through a long list of concepts for the fairgrounds' future, from new new facilities like a year around events center, to more updated facilities for agriculture activities and the Western Montana Fair.

However, throughout those discussions the question keeps coming up of what will actually fit on the existing acreage. 

The new report is being handled by a Minnesota-based consultant and is scheduled to wrap up in May. Consultant Rod Markin told the committee Monday the study will not only analyze existing buildings and facilities, but other factors like population growth, and marketing of an events center or other new developments. 

The report is set to be finished in May. 


Missoula leaders agree to partnership for "Central Park"

Commissioner Bill Carey signs agreement on Wednesday afternoon(MISSOULA)- Missoula County commissioners have inked a landmark agreement to management Missoula's "Central Park", a 160-acre tract of open land on the city's south side.

The idea of jointly managing the land as open space first surfaced more than a decade ago. But it was until this past year that Fairgrounds Manager Steve Earle and the Fairgrounds Advisory Committee were able to hammer out an agreement where the county, City of Missoula, YMCA, Missoula schools and the University of Montana will jointly manage the space.

The pact also calls on the agencies to share resources like maintenance equipment and staff.