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Warmer weather starting to reduce Montana snowpack

(MISSOULA)- While there's still a lot of snow in some parts of Western Montana, warmer temperatures and last week's heavy rains are finally starting to trim back the snow reserves in some basins. 

The region has had a greater than normal snowpack for much of the year, following a long, wet winter. 

Snowpack remains strong in several basins, including the Lower Clark Fork, the Flathead and the Kootenai-Cabinet region, where the amount of snow is still as much as 188% of normal for this time of the year. 

However, last week's heavy rains had a big impacts on the Upper Clark Fork and Bitterroot basins, which have dropped back to less than 25% of normal. 

Other locations, such as the Jefferson and the Upper Rocky Mountain Front are just above 100% of normal for the this point in June. Snowpack also remains well above average in the Upper Yellowstone, although the Gallatin Basin is about half of what would be normal at this point in the season.

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