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Rough winter weather raking Northern MT again today

Wind driven snow at the Two Medicine Bridge near Browning- MDT webcam (BROWNING)- It's another rough day for travelers, and life in general, across Northern Montana today, as a combination of snow from the west and cold, Arctic air from the north are combining for lots of wind driven snow. 

Earlier this week, many roads along the Northern Rocky Mountain Front were closed completely by blowing and drifting snow. 

Today, snow is continuing, and winds are driving it across roads, making it hard for plow crews to keep up. However, most of the major roads are open, although there are problems again with reduced visibility. 

Near Browning, U.S. 2 remains open from Marias Pass into North Central Montana. However, U.S. 89 is closed up the east side of Glacier National Park, when it crosses the steep divide between Cut Bank Creek and St. Mary. 

Other highways around Great Falls, and east through Havre are also being hit with strong winds and blowing and drifting snow, as well as some heavy snowfall. 

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