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MSU lockdown may have been sparked by moving students

(BOZEMAN)- Authorities are still on the lookout, but they say the report of men on the Montana State University campus with a rifle this morning might have been nothing more than students moving. 

The MSU campus, as well as surrounding schools, were locked down Tuesday morning when police received a report of two men spotted with a gun crossing 11th Street moving into the campus area. 

KBZK TV reports the first alert was sent out around 9 a.m. with students and faculty ordered to remain indoors while the area was searched. One man was stopped and questioned but released and the lockdown was lifted just before 11. 

Police say it appears the men may have been students who were moving the rifle along with other belongings. 


MSU to review drug and alcohol policies

(BOZEMAN)- Responding to several high profile cases over the past year, Montana State University leaders have decided to take a hard look at the college's policies regarding drug and alcohol use. 

The new Presidential Commission on Substance Abuse Prevention hopes to review current rules and see if they are adequate to prevent future problems. 

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports the panel hopes to identify locations around the community, and student conditions on campus that could be causing problems, and see what improvements could be made. The effort is expected to involve not only MSU administrators and students, but off-campus partners such as local tavern owners and Bozeman Police.



Bozeman police not sure if rapes were committed by same suspect

(BOZEMAN)- Bozeman Police say they're aren't positive whether two sexual assaults in the past couple of weeks were committed by the same suspect. 

A Montana State Univeristy student reported she was raped not far from campus just before midnight on March 22nd. Since that report, police learned a 16-year old was raped around 3:30 in the morning a week earlier in the 1500 block of West Koch Street.

Now, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that investigators aren't positive the same suspect is responsible for both attacks.

Bozeman Police Chief Ron Price told reporters during a press conference Tuesday there are similar aspects to the suspect's description, but somethings that are "dissimilar" as well. Police are looking for a suspect who had shaggy brown hair and was wearing sweatpants and glasses. 

Price says police have received more than two dozen tips from the public since releasing the composite sketch of the man they're looking for. 


Bozeman police now investigating a pair of local rape cases

Police are looking for this suspect in the rapes- Bozeman Police sketch(BOZEMAN)- Bozeman Police say they now have two active rape cases and are working on the theory both attacks could have been made by the same suspect. 

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that on Friday, a woman told police she had been raped on March 18th, attacking her on West Koch Street around 3:30 in the morning.

That's five days before another woman reported she'd been raped just before midnight near the Montana State University campus. And in both cases, police say the attacker was described as having shaggy brown hair, wearing glasses and sweatpants with a tall and medium build. 

Police are advising women to be aware of their surroundings and take personal safety measures, especially when walking alone. They say it's best to stay in well-lit areas and travel in groups. 


Fight sidelines Bobcats player, three others facing charges in assault

Xavier Blount- MSU photo(BOZEMAN)- A Montana State University basketball player's season is apparently over and three other MSU athletes are facing charges for beating him up outside a downtown Bozeman bar.

The Bozeman Chronicle is reporting Xavier Blount was found barely concious outside the Bar IX early Sunday morning with a dislocated shoulder, a broken nose and cuts. 

Four MSU athletes are facing a number of misdeamnor charges, including assault for the attack. The Chronicle reports 21-year old Roger Trammell, a Bobcats linebacker, 20-year old sprinter Christopher Wilson and football defensive tackle Zach Minter, 21, were all cited. 

Blount himself was charged with disorderly conduct and minor in possession. Police say an argument between Blount and another man led to the assault. 

Blount's stepfather told the paper the player's "season is over." School officials say they're hoping for his full recovery. Blount has been the Bobcats' leading scorer.