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Stevi mayor says he will return to fire service if AG opinion supports it

Dewey delivered a statement as he resigned Monday night(STEVENSVILLE)- Stevensville Mayor Brandon Dewey says the fire department is "his life" and he'll plan to return as a volunteer if a future Attorney General's opinion supports the idea of him serving as mayor and firefighter. 

Dewey is agreeing to step down from his job as a volunteer firefighter after getting pressure from the Town Council. 

The council voted unanimously Monday night to ask for Dewey's immediate resignation from the fire department, where he's been a volunteer and administrative assistant for several years. The panel was concerned about possible conflicts of interest, with the city attorney saying his service falls under state law that addresses "incompatible positions." However, the city is still waiting to see if the AG's office issues a more definitive opinion on the matter. 

Dewey says he feels like the request was a "personal attack", but agreed to step aside.