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Fire-damaged Sperry Chalet weathering winter

Photo courtesy Gravity Shots and Glacier National Park Conservancy (GLACIER NATIONAL PARK)-There are still several weeks of winter left. But there's good news to report about the resiliency of the historic Sperry Chalet in the Glacier National Park backcountry, which burned last summer.

The historic chalet was nearly destroyed during when the Sprauge Fire burned into the high mountain area late last summer. The interior of the old dormitory building was destroyed, but the walls were still standing. The Glacier National Park Conservancy raised local funds and paid for contractors to shore up the stone walls so they could withstand the winter snows. 

Now, an overflight funded by the Conservancy shows the Chalet standing strong against winter's assault. The walls show no signs of damage. More importantly, there's been no avalanches near the damaged dormitory. That's a major concern given the chalet's location in a cirque where slides are common. 

The Conservancy has raised over $127,000 so far to help fund the chalet's eventual rebuilding.