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Uncertain future for old Libby High School after roof collapse

Byron Sanderson shared this photo of the collapsed roof on Facebook(LIBBY)- It's unknown what will happen to the old Libby High School building after heavy snow from the recent storms caused a major portion of the structure's roof to collapse. 

The building, which was sold to a private investment group about a decade ago, is in the heart of Libby, and had been used for a variety of classes before the school district vacated the property. 

This week, the heavy snow load caused a large area of the upstairs roof at the front of the building to collapse, leaving a massive hole behind. 


Floods could delay completion of Flower Creek Dam

(LIBBY)- Engineers say last week's flooding in Lincoln County means it could take longer to finish construction on the new Flower Creek Dam after high waters caused considerable erosion around the new structure.

Contractors were in the final stages of work on the new dam, and had hoped to be wrapped up with the major construction in early February. But last week's severe flooding after several inches of rain pounded Northwest Montana has caused some new problems that need to be addressed. 

Lincoln County Emergency Management says there's no structural damage to the new dam itself, but engineers say the high water caused an overflow on the right abutment of the dam. The water was being channeled through a temporary bypass which couldn't handle the additional volume. If the dam were finished, the water would have simply gone through the spillways. 

Concerns are focused on how to replace the native soils that washed away, and how long and how much repairs are going to cost. 


Pertussis cases continue to climb in Lincoln County

(LIBBY)- Lincoln County Health Department officials are scrambling to keep up with an outbreak of pertussis, with a dozen confirmed cases this week. 

Pertussis, commonly called "whooping cough", has been a problem for several counties across the state over the past couple of years. But the 12-confirmed cases in Lincoln County are especially high, given the county's smaller population. 

The Western News reports health officials are worried there are more cases out there, since other members of a family can already be infected without realizing it. Health officials have been scheduling clinics in both Libby and Troy schools in an effort to get ahead of the outbreak, and also giving information out so residents can take precautions.