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Forest Service rejects latest Bitterroot Resort proposal

(LOLO)- The Forest Service has rejected the latest proposal for skiing on the lower slopes of Lolo Peak, saying the plans still don't match with management goals for the area. 

Last spring, developer Tom Maclay pitched a new version of his proposal to develop ski facilities on the mountains southwest of Lolo, the third time he's tried to get the Forest Service to sign off on his plans. The first two were rejected because of conflicts with environmental management around Carlton Ridge.

In the request to "screen" the latest proposal for further review, Maclay said SUPPRB, or the Special Use Permit for Public Resort Benefits, would operate solely on National Forest land, using existing roads with shuttle buses to the lifts. He also proposed a lodge and restaurant on the mountain. 

But in a letter sent to Maclay, supervisors of both the Lolo and Bitterroot National Forests say the proposal "isn't consistent" with the standards for further review by the Forest Service. 

The failure of the earlier proposals put the Maclay Ranch in foreclosure and the land remains up for sale with an asking price of $22-million. 


Bitterroot resort decision expected before summer's end

KPAX TV photo(MISSOULA)- The Forest Service should have a decision on the latest proposal to run ski operations on the slopes of Lolo Peak by the end of this summer. 

But even at that, a complete analysis of the new plan may take several months to resolve…

Developer Tom Maclay released details of his latest ski proposal to the Forest Service this week, a plan that was first submitted to the Bitterroot National Forest for "screening" in late May. 

This is the third time Maclay has attempted to get the Forest Service to sign off on his plans to use the slopes of Lolo Peak for a regional ski operation.