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Weather Service issues ice jam warning

Ice moves down the Clark Fork in Missoula- Dennis Bragg photo(MISSOULA)- National Weather Service forecasters are warning that ice jams are beginning to form on area rivers and creeks, raising the risk of flooding. 

Temperatures that plunged to single digit, and even sub-zero levels over the weekend have helped create major ice formation on local waters, including larger rivers like the Clark Fork and the Bitterroot. 

NWS says no flooding has yet been reported or observed, but the agency is expecting the threat of flooding to increase over the next week, as very cold temps are expected to last well into next week. 

The Missoula Forecast Office would like to hear reports from anyone seeing ice jams develop, especially if flooding is observed. Those reports can be called in to 406-329-4840. 


Missoula ties cold weather record

Two Medicine and the east side of Glacier had barely double digit temperatures Friday morning- GNP photo

(MISSOULA)- 2012 has certainly been one for the weather record books, and the sudden change in season this week isn’t bringing an end to the new marks, as Missoula ties the all-time record for cold on this date.

Missoula, which tied the record for its longest dry spell ever on Monday, hit 22-degrees Friday morning, matching the record that was set back in 1981. By comparison, the normal temperature in Missoula for October 5th is 35-degrees. 

Other very cold temperatures across the state included a chilly 14-degrees at Olney north of Kalispell, matched by 14-degrees at St. Mary on the east side of Glacier National Park. Glacier International recorded 19-degrees, just two above the record low of 17. 

Temperatures in the Big Hole also dropped into the teens, but the “freezer award” goes to West Yellowstone, where it was just 5-degrees at the park gate. 

The cold is coming from the continued northerly flow of air out of British Columbia, combined with a the longer nights and a lack of cloud cover to trap any heat at ground level.

But the cold weather hasn’t be limited just to the past few days. It was just last month the National Weather Service noted that Kalispell set another cold weather record of just 24-degrees on September 12th, breaking the old mark of 25-degrees that dated back to 1949.


Here comes the cold

Clear, and cold, to start the week(MISSOULA)- Clearing skies, and snow on the ground, will help push temperatures to some of the lowest numbers of the season so far in Western Montana with overnight lows dropping into the single digits.

A storm system which left behind a few inches of snow across the mountains and valleys was already leaving the region by mid-day Sunday allowing temperatures to start dropping and some light winds also bringing down the wind chill.

Missoula is expected to see a low of around 7-degrees Sunday evening, with Kalispell dropping to 12 and Hamilton down to a low of 6. 

But the worst of the new cold snap will be felt in Southwest Montana where Dillon is expected to plunge to -5 overnight with a wind chill as low as -18. Both sides of the Bitterroot Range will be getting the impacts of the cold wave with Salmon and the Lemhi Valley in Idaho also down to zero or below. 

The Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin Valleys will also feel the cold. Bozeman is expected to reach a low of -8 overnight.

The good news is that clearing skies will help the sun warm things up during the day on Monday and Tuesday with highs reaching into the 20s in Western Montana and into the teens for Southwest Montana.

Tuesday night won't be quite as cold and the next chance of snow will be later in the week. 

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