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FWP traps and moves grizzly near Canadian border

(COLUMBIA FALLS)- Summer is in full swing and that means game agents with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are moving into the height of the grizzly relocation season.

Last year, FWP biologists were kept scrambling in Northwest Montana moving problem bears and relocating them to safer, and more remote habitat. At one point last September the agency had to move more than half a dozen bears in little over a week.

This year we haven’t seen quite that level of activity.

This week, FWP did move one grizzly from Columbia Falls north to the Canadian border on the North Fork of the Flathead.

Grizzly Bear Management Specialist Tim Manley reports the male bear was getting into sheds, garbage and dog food and it was decided to move him for his won safety, and the safety of residents. The bear was trapped and released near Frozen Lake, which is a small lake that actually spans the border several miles west of the North Fork.

FWP says the bear was fitted with a radio collar so its movements can be monitored.

The bear Manley and his crew were trying to capture had a 5.25” front pad and the bear they captured had a front pad of 6.25”, so the agency says it might have been an “incidental capture”. But since the grizzly was among houses it was thought it better to carry out the relocation.

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