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MSU sets another enrollment record

(BOZEMAN)- Montana State University continues to burst at the seams, with Spring Enrollment setting another new record for the start of 2018.

New figures released by the school this past week show 15,496 students enrolled for classes to start this year, an increase of almost 300 students from the same time last year. 

MSU administrators believe the continued strong enrollment is fueled in large part by programs and initiatives designed to keep students, and especially first year students, on track to graduate. MSU's four year graduation rate is hovering just under 27%, an improvement of about 7% over the past five years. MSU's "Freshman 15" campaign also puts students on a track to graduate sooner, saving them tuition. 

MSU's spring enrollment is the second record this school year. Last fall's 16,703 students was also a record.

The University of Montana is still processing its numbers for the first look at enrollment for spring, with UM running on a week later schedule than MSU. 


MSU expecting interest in coaching vacancy 

Fields addresses reporters Monday- KBZK photo (BOZEMAN)- Montana State's athletic director is expecting there will be a lot of interesting in filling Rob Ash's position as Bobcats head coach. 

As KBZK reported yesterday, Ash was fired as head coach of the Bobcats after a meeting Monday, following MSU's lost to the University of Montana is the annual Cat-Griz game. Athletic Director Peter Fields told reporters during a noon press conference the decision came after a full evaluation of the 'Cats football program. 

The search for Ash's replacement is starting right away. Fields is hoping to have a new coach in place by early December so he can be involved in recruiting for next season. 

Ash had a 70-38 record during his time at MSU, but was 4-14 against key rivals Montana and Eastern Washington. 


MSU lockdown may have been sparked by moving students

(BOZEMAN)- Authorities are still on the lookout, but they say the report of men on the Montana State University campus with a rifle this morning might have been nothing more than students moving. 

The MSU campus, as well as surrounding schools, were locked down Tuesday morning when police received a report of two men spotted with a gun crossing 11th Street moving into the campus area. 

KBZK TV reports the first alert was sent out around 9 a.m. with students and faculty ordered to remain indoors while the area was searched. One man was stopped and questioned but released and the lockdown was lifted just before 11. 

Police say it appears the men may have been students who were moving the rifle along with other belongings. 


MSU instructor dies from injuries in Nepal landslide

Betsy Palmer had been on the MSU staff since 2011- MSU photo(NEPAL)- Officials at Montana State University are mourning the death of an associate professor, who died from injuries she suffered in a landslide in the mountains of Nepal. 

Betsy Palmer was leading a group of 16-honor students on a "Great Expeditions" trip. The slide happened while the group was trekking near a remote village site. None of the students were injured and arrangements are being made to get them back to Montana. 

"Betsy was a strong, spirited, amazing woman filled with graciousness and kindness for every person she met. She was a gifted and award-winning teacher, researcher, and scholar because she cared deeply about her students and was passionate about finding ways to promote their success and well-being throughout their college experiences. We have lost an incredible member of our department, our family, and our lives," said her friend and colleague, Jayne Downey, head of the MSU Department of Education.

Palmer taught statistics and research and had been at MSU for more than a decade. 


MSU to review drug and alcohol policies

(BOZEMAN)- Responding to several high profile cases over the past year, Montana State University leaders have decided to take a hard look at the college's policies regarding drug and alcohol use. 

The new Presidential Commission on Substance Abuse Prevention hopes to review current rules and see if they are adequate to prevent future problems. 

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports the panel hopes to identify locations around the community, and student conditions on campus that could be causing problems, and see what improvements could be made. The effort is expected to involve not only MSU administrators and students, but off-campus partners such as local tavern owners and Bozeman Police.