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MSU sets another enrollment record

(BOZEMAN)- Montana State University continues to burst at the seams, with Spring Enrollment setting another new record for the start of 2018.

New figures released by the school this past week show 15,496 students enrolled for classes to start this year, an increase of almost 300 students from the same time last year. 

MSU administrators believe the continued strong enrollment is fueled in large part by programs and initiatives designed to keep students, and especially first year students, on track to graduate. MSU's four year graduation rate is hovering just under 27%, an improvement of about 7% over the past five years. MSU's "Freshman 15" campaign also puts students on a track to graduate sooner, saving them tuition. 

MSU's spring enrollment is the second record this school year. Last fall's 16,703 students was also a record.

The University of Montana is still processing its numbers for the first look at enrollment for spring, with UM running on a week later schedule than MSU.